Ousmane Samba

Ousmane Samba

Sr. Web App Engineer/Trainer (Senegal)

Ousmane is an enthusiastic Developer who is fluent in Javascript , PHP, C# among others. He specially enjoy taking part in architecting, designing and developing large scale websites and web applications. Using technology like Javascript, CSS he loves building rich web platform.

Since December 2013, as Lead developer for the Senegalese team at Coders4Africa, he is leading an participating to web application for different market group just to name a few : Ecommerce with www.pickuplater.com (online grocery shopping plateform in the US), Finance tehnology with an Accounting plateform for Childfund Ethiopia , www.myfitstuite.com a plateform to help customer find therapist and personal traner and www.nvillage.org An online community for the NFP(non for profit) sector to facilitate community building, knowledge management, content management and collaboration. Using modern web technology like Angular, jQery , Sass and Bootstrap to build high level web interface.

He also have extensive experience working with PHP framework (Zend, Cakephp,Silex), NodeJs, and also with .NET framework technologie to build backend platform that support Web interface using REST API. He also has experience working with Drupal platform with experience on Drupal site building, modules development, and theming.

In addition to web­related technologies, Ousmane also likes to work in fields like mobile development by Making web app responsive and doing some Hybrid mobile app using web technologies.

When he is not creating cool web apps, he likes to read about and test new technologies, organizing great event and driving Bootcamp training on track like Drupal development and other web related technology.

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