Kossi Selom Banybah

Kossi Selom Banybah

Sr. Web App Engineer/Trainer (Ghana)

Kossi is a software developer and trainer, having expertise in web development, hybrid mobile application development and as well as vast experience in database backend development. He loves to tinker with electronics and is a fan of the Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

He is a .NET expert and a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). He is fluent in C#, PHP and Javascript. He also has experience working with Wordpress, Drupal and PHP frameworks like Yii and Slim. He loves Javascript frameworks like KnockoutJS, AngularJS and ReactJS.

Kossi loves Martials Arts and has participated in a couple of national and international Karate Championships. He speaks three languages and intends to learn new languages. He likes reading tech news and can talk about Science and Technology for hours.

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