John Adams

John Adams

DevOps Engineer/Trainer (Kenya)

First wrote code at age 15. Co-founded a tech startup while in his senior year at Strathmore University. John has 6+ years experience professional software development across different tech stacks. He's designed, architected, written and led engineering teams to build robust web and mobile applications. Has always had a soft spot for Linux server administration and it's no surprise that he's currently at peace with DevOps. Other areas of interest include data science, artificial intelligence,astronomy and aviation.

Outside the tech world he enjoys reading, theatre plays, poetry, listening to the diverse music of the world. He believes in an individual's wellbeing and hence voluntarily spends some of his free time mentoring, guiding and teaching students at different levels of studies. Firm believer in human acts such as saying thank you to the cook,whispering a silent prayer and sparing some quality time for family or friends around you.

Has participated in a couple of half marathons, will choose hiking over the gym any day, speaks four languages. Still perfecting his Japanese and intends to learn 2 new languages. On a more broader aspect, John is super passionate about Africa's development and looks forward to using the knowledge he has (and continues to acquire) to drive growth and capacity.

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