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Catching Up With Winnie Nyabuti, API and Backend Engineer in training at Gebeya

We can’t believe that 6 months are almost up. Our students joined the Academy in September 2016 to improve their skill set. We sat down with them at our campus at Bole Sub City in Addis Ababa to catch up with them and see how their experience has been like in the Academy and what their plans are for the future.

Winnie Nyabuti is a brilliant lady, only 23 years old and she has a Masters in Computer Science. One of the Hidden Figures of our generation who will set a mark for herself in the software development landscape in Africa and the world.

What drove your interest in programming?

As a student, I found no greater feeling than being able to solve problems, more so math problems. Coming up with solutions to complex problems was my favourite past time. My passion for solving problems led me into programming. There is no greater feeling than being able to write a few lines of code that solve a whole lot of problems. Making a career out of it is an added bonus.

When did you begin programming? At what age?
I was first introduced to programming at the age of 18 when I joined campus for my undergraduate degree in Computer Applications. The very first programming language I battled with was COBOL. I say “battled” because as a complete newbie getting to understand the ropes of programming was not so easy. I then proceeded to C, C++, Java, JavaScript and Visual Basic.

Where are you now in terms of your programming skills?

Five years later my programming skills have improved tremendously. I am now in a position where I can face real world issues head on and solve them thanks to the training I got from Gebeya. I enrolled in the API Engineering track with NODE JS and are now able to build Restful, fast and scalable APIs. I am currently working on the API for an android app called RUCHA that allows runners to keep track of their running stats. Users can view their daily pace, routes taken, calories lost per run and predict how much more can be lost based on their stats. Being able to do so has instilled within me the self-assurance that I sought the very first day I entered a programming class.

What are you looking forward to accomplishing with the skills acquired?
I am looking to be able to come up with solutions for problems presented to me by building scalable and resilient APIs. In this lifetime, I’d like to build quality products that will help improve the quality of life of my fellow Africans. In conclusion, I aspire to use the knowledge acquired to help young women realise their potential and accept their place in the software development industry.

About Winnie
Winnie Nyabuti is a computer science graduate with technological interests ranging from cyber security to augmented reality. She is a web API engineer with experience building restful APIs for apps such as Ruscha and Etmoji. Additionally, she has had experience man-
aging a number of projects including BU Period, Skilled Up, EtMoji and Check On Me. As an IT Business analyst, she believes that the minimum viable product is the birth of every great invention. Outside work, she is a bibliophile and enjoys sampling good food and music. One thing she agrees on is “Computing is too important to be left to men”, Karen Sparck Jones.

The classes in Kenya commence in April, Apply and get the chance to be as awesome as Winnie.

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