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Top 5 Marketing Collaboration Tools

Collaboration among colleagues who are in different countries may seem as a challenge to many. With having to keep a track of the various department activities and individuals. Communication that is shared internally and externally needs to be seamless across all borders. In addition to this, you need to share information and get a response in real time. With good internet connectivity, it is quite easy to share and exchange ideas. But you need to have a couple of tools that everyone can access from wherever they are. At Gebeya, here are our top 5 collaboration tools:

Google Drive
Google Drive is my top favorite tool since it allows for one to create and upload numerous documents that are easily accessible on multiple devices for easy editing and sharing. It’s like having your computer but on the cloud. Over the years Google have been improving how from Docs, Sheets, Forms etc work. You can use sheets to create workflows and keep a track of your work. You can also use it to create budgets and keep a track of your expenses. Docs comes in handy when you’re working on items that are word heavy, i.e you need to do a lot of writing (this article was typed and edited on Docs). They recently introduced a feature where one can view all the changes that have been made to the document since its creation.
If you’re lucky and your business account is hosted on Google, you get unlimited storage space and you can fill it up with all sorts of documents, videos, graphics etc.

Another Google service that is a favorite. The Instant Messaging (IM) and call feature. The IM feature comes in handy when sharing nonserious but work related articles, instant feedback on a burning issue or instructions on how to install a system. The call/video feature works slightly better than Skype especially in low bandwidth areas. It comes in handy when you have a conference call.

When WhatsApp first came out, it was viewed as any other social media application targeted towards young people. They then updated it in 2015 and added the voice call functionality and as of 2016 video call became a reality. You can use the group feature to have all your colleagues in one group for easy and fast updates; just make sure you have clear guidelines on what should be posted otherwise you’ll end up having 1,000 jokes that you’ve seen before flooding the group. Our favorite feature is the the voice call settings. This makes it easier to reach one another without having to spend exorbitant fees on over the network costs: currently it costs KES 30 per minute to make a call to Ethiopia.

This is another favorite tool for collaboration especially for videos, graphics, and images.  These are items that are considered memory/ space heavy, i.e are over 10MB and occur in multiples. Once the upload is complete anyone with access to the link or account can easily access the information. At Gebeya, Dropbox has come in handy when we need graphics to be shared (our brilliant designers are based in Ethiopia), sharing pictures from our past events and receiving videos that we have shot. A business account will cost you around $... to run and you get a maximum of … users. The only downside is that it needs really fast internet for it to work seamlessly.

The last yet most important tool is the CRM. It helps you to keep a track of your leads and performance, track the progress of the leads, determine the time it took to close them and any issues that arose during a particular period. At Gebeya we are using our own (Gebeya built) CRM tool to do this and more. The various users have their own accounts that they use to login to the system, update their work or retrieve information. This CRM tool also allows for individuals to create financial documents such as invoices, quotations,
As a business, you can purchase an off the shelf CRM tool or simply reach out to Gebeya and we will get you a customized CRM to suit your needs.

With the above tools, it should be easy to collaborate with your colleagues and ensure that the bottom line is achieved.

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