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Gebeya means market in Amharic and our mission is indeed to provide an online workplace for top IT talent to showcase and contribute their experience and skills to software projects. For businesses, Gebeya offers unique access to a pool of talent unmatched on any other platform that will help them get their project built right and on budget.

For IT professionals, Gebeya allows them to target their skills and expertise to the businesses that need them while getting compensated at top market rates. To the untrained coding enthusiast, Gebeya opens the door to the world of professional programming through a unique world class training academy where hands on is the philosophy.

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Skills And Expertise


Android Developers
Mobile Application engineers
Front end web application engineers
Back end Web applications engineers
Full stack Application engineers


Web designers
Graphic designers
UI & UX designers
Animation designers

Developers operator

Continuous integration DevOps engineers
Security expert Devops engineers
API management DevOps engineers
Cloud Container DevOps engineers